What now?

Last June I packed up the puppets and boxed up the books, and retired after teaching Kindergarten for 22 years.  I know that there are lots of teachers out there who taught for many more years, but I didn’t start until all 4 of my children were in school full time, and I retired just in time to enjoy being a Nana to 2 year old Owen and newborn twins, Anna and Lily.  Hopefully more grandchildren will be coming because I have so much I want to share with them!  I also have so many favorite kindergarten projects and activities that I would love to share with anyone who’s interested.

I’m not exactly sure where this blogging adventure will go but I would like to start out by sharing some of the books I made with my Kindergartners.  I loved making books with my classes because it provided so many great teaching opportunities.  I always put the words in a pocket chart and we read and reread them every day as we completed the book.  Most books took about a week to complete – doing one page a day.  Of course reading these words in a pocket chart gave us great literacy practice – left to right, punctuation, beginning sounds… on and on.  Then the children gained experience following directions and fine motor practice creating each page.  Lastly they built a home library by taking these books home and reading and rereading with families.  The first day of school each child decorated a “Book Box” and I explained to parents that the children would be bringing home many books, and encouraged them to read them together often.

My plan is to post photos of the pages of books I made in Kindergarten, with a few directions or notes about how things worked.  Please feel free to adapt, use, or ignore!  I absolutely loved teaching kindergarten and nothing short of the wonder of grandchildren would have enticed me to retire.  I hope I can share something useful for you!

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