Learning Colors

Most Kindergartners come to school already naming colors but recently my little Owen was working on this skill.  The biggest challenge was to help him understand that when we held up the blue truck and said BLUE – we were not talking about the truck – we were talking about the color.  He was only about 18 months old, and it took a few weeks to help him get the idea that color is a thing that can be named and talked about all by itself.  In the past I had shown children different colored crayons, but I made a fun discovery.  The best tools I found FREE were the complimentary paint chips that are available at so many stores.



At first I just brought him a few basic colors – red, blue, green, yellow.  For some reason Owen just loved them.  He carried them around, put them into pockets and other toys and talked about them – a lot!  He was really able to remember the color names, and then he started to match the color samples to things that were that color – he was sorting!

Of course that meant that whenever I took him to a store we inevitably ended up in the paint department – some stores have Mickey Mouse shaped paint chips!!  I keep thinking of ways I might have used them in my classroom.  Owen loved playing with these for months, and still gets them out and discusses them occasionally.  During the summer when Owen and I waited with his mom in dr. office waiting rooms these were a great source of keeping busy!  I found these at Walmart:

At first Owen wasn’t happy to have them fastened together, but it really helped me because he got sad if he misplaced a certain color, and I was doing a lot of gathering them up from the floor!


Anyway – if you have a little one in your life who is working on color recognition I highly recommend these – and you might find some fun uses for school too!

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