One thing I have not mentioned in my notes about making books with children is the importance of using a large, easy to read font.  I also often put 2 spaces between words.  In the beginning of working with emergent readers one of the big goals is for them to see the spaces and realize that all these symbols are individual words.  Of course we work on that in lots of ways – but double spacing between words can be a lot of help.  I know sometimes I wasn’t able to do that because I had too much text or just forgot – but it is really a good idea.

This book was a remake of a poem that has been around for many years – sorry I don’t know the original author. I always thought it was a good project as a wind down after Halloween, and a good transition before Thanksgiving activities.

I usually read this book several times with the children – usually it was in the pocket chart and children took turns pointing at the words, but unlike some books – I usually did this entire book in one morning or afternoon.   I put the materials to complete a page at one table, so the children would have a pre-bound book and travel from table to table to complete the inside.  Then they would read it to me before they put it away to take home.  Of course you might choose to keep these books for Reader’s Workshop as books they can read independently – but I think it is important to send a lot of books home that they feel good reading too.

The sight word I really emphasized with this was ‘no’.   I brought all of the materials with me to circle time and actually completed the entire book in front of the children.  Then I took the staples out of that book and put my finished page on each table where the materials for that page were kept.  That was one more way to help the children remember what to do on the page.  I think this might have been the first time I introduced the scissors technique of fringing when they cut this grass.

Here they just free cut a cloud – you could easily add cotton or fiberfill too!

The trick was trying to get them stamp the feet as if they were walking across the page – often didn’t happen that way!

If you can’t tell this is supposed to be a bird nest on a branch with 2 yellow dot birds inside.  Feel free to adapt!

Sometimes I provided tissue paper to cut wings – other times we just drew the wings.

This book was only 9 x 6 inches.  When I made it full sized I used to have the children trace their hand and arm for the tree trunk.  Also sometimes we used colored tissue paper or the melting tray for the falling leaves.

Please click on this link to open a blank pdf copy of this book.   Since this is an 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 inch book I put 2 pages on each sheet.  That way you can print and collate on your copy machine, then cut them in half and staple them to make 2 books at a time.

November Book

Happy Fall!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. canadianparentcoach
    Aug 30, 2013 @ 15:24:38

    Hi! Do you have a template for the November book? I love it!!!


    • dbsenk
      Sep 02, 2013 @ 20:02:22

      I added a link to open a pdf copy of this book at the end of the post. I had not saved any of those blank books, or the computer work, so I redid it to share with you. The graphics and font are a little different. Hope it is helpful!



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