Today is Monday

I loved making books with the children using songs that we sang together.  We sang and read the book Today is Monday – by Eric Carle.  We did a cooperative remake of this book with children working in small groups to cut and paste the illustration for each page, then I gave it to a child to take home at the end of the year.  When I did class books like this they were always favorite things to read in our classroom library.

We also remade small copies for each child.  By the time they took these home most were confident with the names of the days of the week, and did a great job reading this.   Another good learning outcome from making these books is helping the children to understand how the picture matches the text.  When we talk about reading strategies the children understand that since the pictures match the text they give important clues about the words on the page.

Here is a link to download the pdf file:

Monday masters


I used small pieces of pipe cleaners – the children taped them on the page.  This was a very small book – 1/4 of a page.

The children went from table to table to complete this book – the little pictures reminded them what to put on each page.

I have a set of markers that stamp alphabet letters – regular alphabet stamps would work – or stickers.

I used small pieces of brown bulletin board paper for this and the children wrinkled it up for texture!

The children used a fish shaped tracer and added details.

I made copies of a chicken leg because I wanted it to be recognizable.

I can’t believe I am posting my drawing on the worldwide web.  Please forgive me!

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