See You Later, Alligator

Lots of children come to Kindergarten already able to hear words that sound alike, but there are some children who struggle with many aspects of phonemic awareness.  I use a puppet, because they are my favorite teaching tools, to reinforce rhyming and try to help all children become successful.  I named this guy Sam the Lamb,

And when he comes to the classroom to visit he brings his ‘rhyme chime,’ which is a little metal xylophone.  Every time Sam hears rhyming words he rings the chime.  When I am using Sam I try to use simple rhymes that are close together, and then reinforce the matching sounds with the chime. I found a trade book titled See You Later, Alligator that I read to the class – but you really could just read the book that I made as a followup.  The original book was not really a pattern – some pages said “see you with…,” other pages said “see you on…” and some said “see you at…”

In my remake I used the same sentence for each page “see you with …”   I also introduced the word ‘with’ as a sight word at that time.  The reason I loved this book was that the 2 rhyming words are right next to each other, which makes them very easy to hear.  “See you with a truck, duck.” After reading and using the rhyme chime several times, I sometimes allowed children to ring the chime for Sam the Lamb when they heard the rhyme.  The book I gave the children already had an animal on each page – we had read the rhymes several times.  I gave them a sheet with the rhyming objects – some they just had to draw.  But I liked this activity much more than a ditto matching rhyming objects because the product was a book they could read and reread.

Please click on this link for a blank copy of this book, and the rhyming objects.

See you later

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