Where Would a Turkey Hide?

This was a fun activity that I did after reading a very simple rhyming book about a turkey that was trying not to get caught for Thanksgiving.

I asked each child to think of somewhere that a turkey might hide and we brainstormed lots of ideas.  I tried to encourage them to say something more than behind a house or behind a rock.  First each child drew a turkey on their page and then they created something that a turkey might hide behind – out of construction paper scraps.

I stapled the pages into a class book, the kids loved rereading it!

The first time I did this project many children started to glue their construction paper creation on top of the turkey, so after that I always had them give me their turkey before they made the item, then they brought the thing they made and we taped it over the top of the turkey.  If you lift up this house, the turkey is underneath.  The text says – If you were a turkey, where would you hide?  I used to do a lot of headings like “A turkey might like to hide behind ______________”  But I found that as the children began to write phonetically they often rewrote the sentence starter – so I changed most of my prompts to questions.

At this point in the year I was still doing most of the writing, although some children could phonetically spell.

Of course I had to do a lot of modeling and reminding children to use many details, lots of different colors, etc.  We talked about quality work and what it meant to do our best.

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