Thanksgiving Ideas!

Along with our Thanksgiving Feast, my kindergartners used to do a little program for parents who chose to attend.  We did a Reader’s Theater type play called “Hooray for Thanksgiving,” and sang a bunch of Thanksgiving songs.  The children made and wore simple headbands – some were Pilgrim men, some were Pilgrim women, some were Native American Indians, and some were turkeys.  It was fun and cute.   I had not saved the script I used for this choral reading but I found a class performing it on YouTube and wrote it out!

Hooray for Thanksgiving! 1 Hooray for Thanksgiving! 2 Hooray for Thanksgiving! 3


Here are the songs we sang:


For each song I made picture cards for a few children to hold that went along with the song – except 10 Little Indians, the whole group sang that and acted it out.  I put simple motions to the other songs – so while about 4 children stood up holding the picture cards, the rest of the class did simple motions.  Every child had a chance to stand up holding a picture, even though only a few children stood up for each song, everyone sang all the songs.  It was cute.  Then the children all sat at a long table I made by pushing all the tables together and covering them with white paper.  Parents donated food like corn muffins, popcorn, cranberry sauce, cheese & crackers, etc.  I encouraged them to bring food their child likes to eat.

After the feast I sent home a copy of the words so parents could encourage the children to sing the songs at home.

Some years I made simple Thanksgiving cards using the idea of Concept books – here is the template I used.

Thanksgiving card 1

Thanksgiving card 2

I copied these pages back to back and folded them in half.

I also had a few writing prompts that I used sometimes.  I think that children need a lot of experience writing under different circumstances.  In Writer’s Workshop the children usually chose their topic, other times they wrote in response to literature, informational texts, or answering a question.

what are you doing

I asked the children what their families were going to do for Thanksgiving.   Sometimes we made a graph comparing children who were celebrating the holiday at their house, and children who were having Thanksgiving dinner somewhere beside their own house.  This could be as simple as a Yes/No graph – Are you having Thanksgiving dinner at home?  Or you could list a variety of options – Grandma’s, Aunt/Uncle’s, home, restaurant, etc.

We also brainstormed what we would wish for if we got the big end of a wishbone, and drew and wrote about that.

I miss it all!  It doesn’t seem like Thanksgiving because I haven’t cut or fringed  a single turkey feather!

Thank you for the great pictures Elana!

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    Sep 23, 2013 @ 23:36:10

    Love this website! Please help me find a copy of the Reader’s Theater script for “Hooray for Thanksgiving” I can’t find it anywhere and I would like my kindergarteners to perform it. Thanks!


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