More Stuff About Sight Words

In a comment to my sight word post, Debbie asked what order I teach sight words.  I don’t think there is specifically a right order, but I always tried to provide a reason for the children to want to learn new the new word.  I started the year providing the words that they could quickly read in simple sentences.

I also tried to tie the sight words into what we were studying at the time.  As I said, I started with the word ‘I” along with our ME unit.  I think I included some action clipart pictures in my other Sight Word post –  they would glue those next to the word I and they could “read” I jump, I eat, I talk, etc.

Then we learned the word ‘see’ because we were also focusing on 5 senses, and the names of classmates.  It was a great tie in.

Next we learned the word ‘the’ – now they were able to read sentences that were a little longer, and also because that word is on almost every page we read in a book!

We learned ‘CAN’ early in the year also – along with ‘I’ and the action clipart they had different sentences.  I think being able to use the words in sentences was really reinforcing for the children.

you – we could do the same sentences we had done with I – now using ‘you’

me – I introduced soon after we did the sentences “I can see ________.”  I changed it around and put a child’s name first:  Megan can see me.  Jeff can see me.  Instead of using the other children’s names I would xerox copies of their photographs.  I used photocopied pictures of the kids a lot, I had to get permission from parents to photo their children.

is – I taught when we were doing the alphabet books – A is for apple

at – I taught when I was ready to introduce the concept of word families

go – with Transportation unit

it – I integrated into our morning message, along with to, and, are, at  – I sent these home early in the year

like and we  – I introduced in January with our Winter book – We Like Winter

no – I introduced during November

on – I usually introduced that soon after NO

said – I introduced before I had to do the first DRA or running record.  We added this to the Kdg. sight word list when when we realized that many children were not able to read at a level 4 because they repeatedly missed the word ‘said.’

I used to make lists on large chart paper in front of the class writing:

Timmy said “I like blue.”  Mikey said “I like yellow.”  Anna said “I like purple.”  It was really reinforcing for the kids to see their name – the word ‘said,’ the repetition of the same sentence form, etc.  I also introduced quotation marks.  Then I would cut the list apart and let every child take home his/her own sentence.  You could write the sentences about anything – just keep them simple – after Halloween – Bobby said “I was a ghost.”  You could also turn this into a class book by having the children illustrate their page.  After Thanksgiving you could make a list or class book about their favorite Thanksgiving food – or what they want for Christmas!   This activity was good as a short time filler when I had a few minutes at the end of the day or before specials, or as a quiet activity after lunch.

Another time I used this technique was when we made a graph and analyzed it.  After completing a graph I would usually ask the children – “What do you notice about the graph?”  Then I would write down what they said – using that sentence format – Lily said “There are more sunny days than rainy days.”  Sheri said “There are less cloudy days than anything.”  I would post their comments next to the graph.

I tried to introduce the 20 sight words that my children were responsible to learn in the first half of the year, of course we kept reinforcing them all year.  Then I added new words when they came up in a book we were making – or when I saw that my children were using a certain word a lot in their writing.

Here are some ideas for sight word games:

Sight word games

For sight word Memory I ran 2 copies of something like this:

sight word memory

Other times I would print the sight words on a shape like a fish or a mitten.  It was like a whole new game!

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  1. Kristie
    May 22, 2011 @ 11:40:09

    I am so glad I stumbled upon your website! I was looking for report card comments and I found so much more. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas. I have been teaching 12 years, but I am always looking for new ways to do things. I will be sharing this with my partner!


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