At the beginning of December I liked to do a project with my class to help them count down to Christmas, or our Holiday break.  But I also really wanted to find some ways to help the children realize that the holidays really are a time to think about other people, not just which toys they hoped to get.  I created this Kindness Calendar –

December Kindness Calendar

By the way – it took me YEARS to figure out that making a list like this Kindness Calendar was a better idea than formatting it like a calendar.  For many years I retyped it every year onto a December Calendar.  Duh…

Then we made a project – I usually had the children make a Santa that had 25 circles on his beard. They took it home with a letter of explanation, and every day when they completed their Kind Act – they would add a cottonball to the beard.  I also attached a baggie and had the children count out the cottonballs, but you wouldn’t have to provide them.

Here is a link to the Santa project I used.  I copied the hat onto red construction paper and the face on white.  The children cut and glued them together, then colored in details.

Countdown Santa

A friend of mine adapted it so the hat and face are all on one paper:

Santa 2

Another simple idea would be to make a paper chain and they could remove a link each day.  I kept one of the Santa’s in my classroom and looked for ways to do these kind acts at school too.

There were a few times I had children in my class who did not celebrate Christmas, I helped them make a snowman to hold their cottonballs, and instead of using 25 I would put 31 circles, or the amount of days until our holiday break.

Our class also visited a Nursing Home or Assisted Living center.  I know these facilities get a lot of visitors during December, but it was another way to help my class reach out and think about others – and the residents loved having them.

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  1. Hillary
    Nov 25, 2010 @ 13:48:24

    What a beautiful way to have children celebrate the holidays.


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