Transportation ideas for Math

During our unit on transportation we did lots of math activities.

We used unifix cubes to measure these vehicles.  You could make this activity more concrete by using toys instead of just measuring on the paper.


I introduced combinations of numbers as a whole group lesson, but this was a fun reinforcement.  I gave each child 2 colors of Froot Loops cereal.  They would decide which color was the first additive, and which was the second – then place the Froot Loops on the chart.  They would color the chart when they ate the Froot Loops.


We sorted transportation toys by whether they go on land, sea or air – and used these labels.  I also gave each child a sheet of pictures of vehicles to cut out and sort.

I also had this ditto in my file, I usually preferred to use more concrete activities – but sometimes I needed an activity for children to work on while I did some assessments!

I had a set of small plastic vehicles that were different colors.  I put a set of about 12 vehicles into containers and the children graphed them.

Sometimes we made class graphs of different kinds of transportation that the children had ever been on.


If I had children who were still not confident recognizing 0-10 I might have them glue these onto a strip of paper in the correct order.  Sometimes I had them match the numerals with the number words, sometimes we glued the engine onto a pocket and cut out numerals 0-20 to put inside the pocket.

We had lots of opportunities to use comparative language during this unit too – long, short;  fast, slow;  bigger, biggest; etc.

One more activity that my children enjoyed was file folder graphs.  I bought a set of transportation stickers and put an assortment on the outside of a file folder.  Then I made a recording sheet to graph how many of each sticker was on the front.  I glued one of these inside the file folder, then I glued a completed graph on the back of the file folder.  Then I laminated the folder.  The children could use a vis a vis marker to do the graph on the folder and it was self checking by looking at the back.  If I wanted to make copies of the graph for children instead of using a wipe off marker, the master for it was right inside the folder.

Here are the masters for these math games:

math games_0007

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Veronica Flood
    Feb 10, 2013 @ 09:18:43

    Love the numbers in order train!! It will be a great activity to place the numbers in order on a sentence strip;0


  2. Tracy
    Apr 02, 2013 @ 00:35:44

    Just love these maths activities!!!! SO SO SO kiddi friendly!!! Thanks for some different ideas!!!


  3. lily
    Jun 02, 2014 @ 22:48:18

    Thanks for the terrific printables


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