100th Day Fun!

For the past few years Valentines Day and the 100th day of school happened to fall on the same day – or very close – so we decided to combine these into one big celebration.  I know that some of the things I am sharing won’t work for this year because it is past Valentines Day – but maybe you could adapt or save some ideas for another year.  We had a parent/child activity day and invited each child to bring an adult to school for half of the day.  We did this a couple of times a year, it was a great way to educate parents about how children learn and things they could do with their child at home.

Every year, whether we had a parent/child day or not, I asked each child to count out 100 of one item and bring it in to school.  We compared these things by size and noticed how different 100 things look – how some take up much more space than others.  We also placed the baggies of 100 things on a balance scale to see the heaviest and lightest objects – lots of great comparative language.  Here is the letter I sent home:

Bring 100

As part of our calendar routine every day we counted the days of school and celebrated Zero the Hero day every 10th day.  I had an old Grover stuffed animal from my own children’s past – and I made a little cape for him with a big 0 on it – like a superman cape.  He came out (he lived in my puppet castle) every Zero the Hero day, along with a pop up creature puppet that I called Mr. Number.  On these 10th day celebrations I brought both of these puppets out, the kids counted to the number we had reached for the days of school, jumping on every number that had a zero in it – then we jumped again – counting by 10s to 100 and jumping every time.  After that the children lined up and came around the circle past me, and I stamped a Zero the Hero stamp on their hand – unless they said “No, thank you.”

So of course, these puppets had to be part of the 100th day celebration – we began the day with them, counting and jumping.  But sometime during the 100th day – usually near the end of the afternoon – I conned someone into dressing up like the “real” Zero the Hero and making a short appearance.  I made a black and red cape and decorated it with colored Zeroes, along with a top hat and glasses with 100 on them.  Some of my “volunteers” got creative and added a lot more – like a wig, face paint, etc. but it worked okay even if they just wore the cape and hat.  I tried to find someone the children didn’t already know so they wouldn’t recognize their voice, etc.  I provided a basic script but encouraged Zero the Hero to be flexible and add anything (s)he liked.  Some added props like a Jello box adapted to say Zello – or Cheerios that were renamed Zeerios, etc. to tell about the planet Zero – where Zero the Hero comes from.  I usually provided something simple for them to pass out – individually wrapped Lifesavers, or even paper 0’s.

Here was the basic script, to give the Zero the Hero volunteer and idea about what to say –

Zero the Hero script

The children loved this so much, and we had such a great day that it was a wonderful opportunity to make a language experience book about the whole day.  As a class we wrote what the children remembered and enjoyed, then I typed it – breaking it into one or two sentences on each page, and the children illustrated it.  Here is a sample:

100th day book

Here is the invitation for the Parent/child Heart Day:


And the check off list of activities –  all 4 or 5 Kindergarten classes participated, sometimes we spread the activities out among the classrooms – sometimes we used the cafeteria.

Parent child checkoff

This is a basic short description of some of the centers:

description of centers

At the beginning of the day I did some of our regular circle time routines so parents could see what our morning circle time was like, and then I always tried to do some kind of active participation thing to get parents involved.  For this parent/child day I shared a Hug Book – we used these hugs every day during our routines – but the children practiced them with their parents on our Heart Day. I already posted this but here is another copy:

Hug book

One of the activities we did that day was to cut out smaller versions of these pictures and glue them onto a belt made out of a sentence strip – to remind parents of these hugs in case they wanted to use them at home.

After circle time the parents and children were free to go to the activities in any order they chose.  I made 3 sided signs with simple directions for each project that I set on each table.  Here are many of the directions:


more directions

Heavy hearts

Balance Beam Activities

Here are a couple of pictures of the children measuring how many kids would equal the strip of 100 circles.

I hope you can find something you can use!  Happy 100th day!!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nicole
    Feb 17, 2011 @ 19:42:02


    What is the mystery picture on the hundreds chart?


    • dbsenk
      Feb 17, 2011 @ 20:53:51

      I can’t remember! We made them up with a picture of a heart, a house, and the numeral 100. I am not sure which one we used that year!


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