Hearts, Friends, and Valentines

During the season of Valentine’s Day I liked to include activities that emphasized friendship.  We usually read The Crayon Box That Talked, and did an activity – as well as some of Leo Lionni’s books – It’s Mine, 6 Crows, and Swimmy all include good friendship lessons.  There are tons of books on friendship, and this is just a nice time of year to make sure you take time to read some of them and talk about friendship.  It fits in well with a study on Martin Luther King, Jr. too.

We learned a song about friends, to the tune of You Are My Sunshine – and I taught simple sign language motions to go along with it.

Friend song words

Each child also made a book out of this song.  They illustrated one page a day until it was done – that gave them lots of time to learn the song, and since they knew how to sing it – they could read it too!

Here is a copy of the song, printed one line on each half page.


I also liked to talk about the difference between Valentine hearts, and the heart in our body.

Roxie Heart got a new heart dress and came to visit (if you haven’t met Roxie, please check out my posts on informational text.)

She just had to have hair bows to match!

Roxie carries a little purse that matches her dress, and always carries something that reminds the children of one of the facts she talks about.  She carried a small piece of a drinking straw in her heart purse.

We talked in very simple terms about the circulatory system – and used a straw as a visual representation of veins and arteries.

I made cards with simple pictures that Roxie showed to help the children understand and remember the facts she talked about.

Here are printable copies of the facts cards:

heart facts

After discussing the facts, I asked the children to draw and write some of the facts that they remembered.

Heart fact book cover

I brought in a stethoscope too, and let the children listen to their hearts.  We noticed the difference in our heart beats after some simple exercise.

I also used a copy change book to reinforce rhyming.  Earlier in the school year we made a book that included the text:  Pumpkins by the house, pumpkins by the mouse, etc.  We made similar books about leaves and snow – during Valentine’s Day we made a Heart Rhyme book.


Sorry the picture doesn’t show well – the children traced and cut out 2 socks, then glued them onto the page and stamped them with hearts.

The picture on this page was supposed to be a rug – they fringed the short ends and decorated it.  Sometimes we made an oval rug instead.

The door was taped on the left side so it would open.  The children drew a picture of a friend behind the door.

This was the only page that was not cut and paste – they just traced several different hearts on the page.

If you don’t have a little heart stamp to use on each page – or would like a few more, just get some adhesive foam – in the Dr. Scholl’s section at Target or Walmart, and cut it with scissors into small heart shapes.  Then peel off the backing and stick it to a small block – they work great and hold up well too!

Here are the words to the Heart Book – I usually put them in a pocket chart.

Heart words

I loved talking about the whole subject of friendship and emphasis on caring about other people, and tried to include lots of this discussion all year!

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  1. Terri
    Feb 12, 2012 @ 06:27:05

    I love your ideas and enthusiasm! Thanks to teachers like you for sharing with those who strive to be the best we can for our kiddos as well. You make it easier!


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