Portrait of a President!

I know this is late for another President’s Day project, my computer was out being fixed!  But I loved how this project always just looked like Kindergarten.


I used to make it on large 12 x 18 inch paper, but to save paper I reduced it to fit on 9 x 12, and I liked it just as well.

I usually pre-traced the oval on white paper, but I didn’t always mount it on the black.

To prep this project I traced the ovals (or copied them on white paper) and cut 3 x 3 inch squares of black paper – each child will need 3-4 depending on how narrow they cut them into strips and how much hair and beard they want on their project.  The hat brim was 1 x 4 1/2 inches.  The eyes were just free cut too.

Here is a copy of the project you can print if you like:

Lincoln pdf

And here is a page of the multiple copies of the poem if you’d like to add that at the bottom of the portrait.


I hope all of you who had a few days off for Presidents’ Day or winter break, or snow; had a restful fun time with your families!

I can’t resist – here is a recent picture of my granddaughters!


Their big brother currently does NOT like to have his picture taken but here is a picture of all of them with their Dad.

There is nothing more delightful in the world!

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