We still have a yard full of snow here in Michigan, but we’re counting on spring coming soon!  Here is a homework assignment that I often sent home over a weekend during the spring:

We also made a Spring Book, based on a poem from Totline.

On the cover the children drew different types of weather that we experience in the spring.

Sometimes I gave the children cupcake papers for these flowers, other times we used the fancy cutting scissors.

We used a bit of fiberfill for the cloud, sometimes we used brown paint for the mud.

Of course the children colored the whole rainbow!

The children tore the green leaves and glued on bits of pink cotton balls for the blossoms.

On this page they drew and labeled spring things from the book.

We usually brainstormed things we knew about Spring, and often listed them on a large kite shape.  Later we sometimes wrote about what we liked to do in spring.

Here are printable copies of the homework and writing template.

spring stuff

I had some favorite books that I read with the children during spring.  One of the best is Round Robin by Jack Kent.  It is the story of a bird who ate so much that he looked more like a ball than a bird, and when the other birds were flying South for the winter he was too fat to fly.  He had a perilous trip trying to walk to a warmer place, and lost so much weight that he found he could fly.  But when he arrived he was Oh So Hungry!  So he ate and ate and ate – and was too fat to fly home.  It is a great story for retelling or picking your favorite part.

I also loved Haircuts for the Woolseys by Tomie de Paola.  This is a story of a family of sheep who were waiting for spring to arrive so they could play outside.  Before they got to play the Woolsey children all had to have a haircut.  That night a cold wind blew in and it snowed again, and they were too cold to play outside without their fleece.  Granny solved the problem by knitting the wool into sweaters!  This is a great story to focus on problems and solutions.

Here is the template I used for the children to draw and write the beginning, middle and end of this story.

Here is a pdf copy if you would like to print it:

Haircuts for Woolseys

Run it back to back and fold it in half to make a booklet.

Spring is also a great time for stories like The Wind Blew by Pat Hutchins and Someone Bigger by Jonathan Emmett.  Check out my section on retelling if you aren’t familiar with these great books!

Happy Springtime!

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