Seasons Song

Like most of you we talked about the 4 seasons all through the year in Kindergarten, I started with the seasons of an apple tree in the fall.  For each season we learned a verse of a song to the tune of The Saints Go Marching In.


We used sign language to add motions to these verses.  As we studied each new season we would review all 4, and practice saying them in order.

Here is a printable copy:

song words_0001

I usually had the children make this Seasons Song Book when we were studying spring.  I liked using songs that were very familiar to the children as the text for a book because it just about guaranteed that everyone could read it!   I enlarged the print and put it in a pocket chart and we practiced reading it while we sang.

By this time of year I had usually talked about contractions – although it was NOT part of our curriculum and I would not want it to be.  But when we were looking at poems, song words, or other texts we often saw contractions and so I explained what they were and how they worked.  This went over the heads of many children, but it was exposure.  It also gave me a chance to talk about apostrophes.  This song uses the word ‘you’ll’ so it gave me another opportunity to mention it.

I liked to include different art techniques on this type of books.  We usually cut and pasted a bird and nest on the spring page.  On this sun page I loved using a warming tray and melting crayons.  You should have an adult oversee it because the tray gets pretty warm, but I don’t think it would really burn a child.  An adult would peel the crayons using an exacto knife (or peeling it!) and the child would slowly color with it and watch it melt.  I usually peeled orange, yellow and red crayons for this sun page.

Sometimes we used paint with Q-tips for the leaves, or wadded up squares of tissue paper.

On this page I used white crayon, sometimes we used chalk or paint – or you could cut snowflakes!

You could arrange the pages in this book in any order, I began with spring because we did the book in the spring.

Here is a copy you can print if you like!

Seasons Song Book

Terry from California is working on changing the winter verse because it doesn’t snow there!  Here are a couple of ideas…

Seasons songs CA

Seasons songs CA2

For any of you who live where it does not snow in the winter, here is a replacement page for this book.  For an art project you could draw, cut out or decorate an umbrella – or water color paint a raindrop!

winter rain

Thanks for the great suggestion Terry!

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Terry
    Mar 18, 2011 @ 00:03:18

    I love the seasons song book. Would you be able to tell me what font you used for the lettering? We live in California, where it doesn’t snow. I thought I could change the words to something like : when it is cold and the raindrops fall… oh when it is cold and the rain drops fall…
    Your thoughts?
    My home email is:


    • Terry
      Mar 19, 2011 @ 16:49:50

      Thank you so much for the additional set of words. These are super.
      Again, thanks for you mentoring of so many teachers and in turn – children.


  2. dbsenk
    Mar 18, 2011 @ 07:30:41

    Hi Terry,
    I used the Comic Sans font. I love the idea of changing it – I typed it with your words and will add it to the post in case anyone else would like it! I wondered if using the word fall in the winter verse might confuse some little ones though. I’m not sure how much it rains there – would it make sense to say “when it’s cold and rains a lot”? I wish I could share it in a word document that is easy to change, but I am an expert at cut and paste!


  3. Terry
    Mar 18, 2011 @ 17:47:49

    I love the rains a lot. I agree that it might be a bit confusing with rain fall – and autumn = fall.
    Would be be willing to do a CA version of your cute book? I’d love to do it with my students.
    Thank you for all your ideas and help.


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