Trash Can Snack!

I loved cooking with Kindergartners, although truthfully I wasn’t usually the one who actually did the cooking with them.  This is the type of activity you really need a parent volunteer to help with.  In my class we cooked every week, and I was sad that I don’t have any good pictures to show all the fun cooking projects, so I decided to recreate some of these recipes with Owen.  Of course safety is the first concern, so much of my cooking with children is really more assembling food, but my classroom was stocked with an electric frying pan, a toaster oven, a microwave, a griddle and an individual burner, plus we had a stove in the teacher’s lounge.  If you are interested in collecting cooking equipment parents are often willing to donate things, and garage sales have great deals!

So here is my first installment of Cooking with Owen!  (Who is not thrilled to have his picture taken these days!)  His talented mom Sheri decorated his special cooking apron!

Today’s recipe goes along with our Recycling Unit.  We made trash cans.  Here are the ingredients:

There are so many benefits that come from cooking with children, they learn new vocabulary, experiment with measuring and counting, scooping and pouring; and notice changes from heating and cooling ingredients.  It sometimes even gets children to try out new foods!  I tried to create some type of visual step by step recipe for each cooking project.  This time I made little signs to tell the children how many of each item to put into their “trash can.”

Each child took one empty ice cream cone for their trash can.

They counted out 4 pretzel “sticks.”

They each took 8 old tires or wheels.  I really used regular Cheerios, but I didn’t have a good box for the photo of ingredients.

For styrofoam pieces I gave Owen popcorn pieces.  At school I often used mini marshmallows.

As you can see, the M & M “stones” were Owen’s favorite!  When you only have one student you can relax the rules a bit!

All the ingredients were lined up in order.

Please excuse the stuff I should have put away in my kitchen before we started!

It was a little tricky keeping Owen safe on his stool, taking the picture and keeping him from a preview taste!  He chose all brown M & M’s to put in his trash can, but then he ate a few other colors too!

All in all Chef Owen did a great job!


Then he decided to sit right down on his stool to enjoy his Trash Can snack!

Here are my little “recipe cards.”

And here they are if you’d like to print them.

Trash cans

I really loved cooking with my Kindergartners, and trying out all this stuff with Owen is even more fun!

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