Bunny Day!

It was fun to celebrate spring and Easter with a special Bunny Day – sometimes we called it Jellybean Jamboree!

Sometimes we learned Rabbit Facts with Roxie Heart –

We measured with jellybeans

It was fun to watch them problem solve to measure a balloon with jellybeans!

I filled plastic eggs with rice, pennies, bells, etc. and the children listened to them to figure out which egg contained each item.  They wrote the name of the egg color next to a picture of the item in the egg.  One year our Bunny Day happened to fall on a school wide pajama day too!

I used this type of activity quite a often to monitor the children’s phonetic spelling.  They just stretched out the sounds and labeled each picture.  It gave me great information about how well they were hearing sounds and matching letters and sounds.  When they were actually writing a story they had so many other things to think about – their idea, spaces, their drawing, etc.  This activity just focused on writing the sounds.

Here is one to print:

Easter phonetic spelling

For most of the jellybean activities the children shared a bowl of jellybeans – but of course they wanted to eat some too – so each child got a baggie-ful and graphed the colors and ate them!

We made Bunny Bags and parents sent in donations to fill them.  I made one with Owen this week!

You can make Bunny Bags with plain brown lunch bags, and they are cute too – but I usually got white or pastel colored bags (Target!)  Each child also needs one pink pom pom and a cotton ball.

I made a template and traced it onto the bag – make sure the flap for the bottom of the bag is tucked to the back.  Kindergartners could do their own tracing if you make sure the template is the same size as the bag, and they remember to turn it ear side up!

Then cut the top of the bag into a bunny shape!

Owen is working on scissor control (remember he’s only 2!)  Thumb up Owen!

For the eyes Kindergartners could free cut them, or cut out white and use circle sticker dots for the center – or you could provide oval and circle tracers for those too!


Owen loves glue sticks!

Next cut a rectangle of black paper into 3 thin strips (about 6 inches long)  Glue them on criss cross, right under the eyes.


Then glue on a pom pom nose – or cut out a pink construction paper circle.  Glue sticks don’t work well with pom poms.


Add a cottonball tail to the back.



Don’t forget to put the lid back on the glue!


Owen wanted to put something inside as soon as he was done – the crayons were handy.



Put a good handful of Easter grass inside – I chop it up a bit with scissors to make it easier to handle.


These are sturdy enough to hold filled plastic eggs, small candies, small toys, etc.  (This makes me feel like Pioneer Woman’s cooking pictures!)


At school I loved to play with the children.  I would fill all their bunny bags and have them sitting in bins on a table where the children could see them.  Then when the children went to lunch or a special (p.e., music, art) I would take the bags out to the playground – or more often our Media Center; and hide them!  Then I made Bunny footprint tracks!  I cut a piece of tagboard into a large bunny footprint shape, I set it on the carpet and sprinkled flour over it, rubbing it in a little (it vacuums up easily!)  I made footprints outside our classroom door, and leading down the hall either toward the Media Center or out the door to the playground.  Then I let the children find them missing and come to the conclusion that the Easter Bunny had come and hidden our bags!  Of course you have to be dramatic and pretend to be upset that they are missing.

One nice feature of these bags is that you can staple the ears to keep stuff from falling out inside their backpacks!

We also made Bunny hats!

And had a celebration!

We made windsocks and took them outside to play!

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