Mother’s Day!

Along with a few other gifts, my Kindergartners always made a special Mother’s Day Book.  It was always fun for me, and the moms, to see their answers to the questions in this book.  

Sometimes I reduced these pages and made the book 1/2 size – my Kindergartners were used to writing on smaller paper by this time of year.  They drew a picture of their mother in this oval.

I tried to spread out working on this book because I found the children wrote more, and did a better job if they didn’t do too much at one time.  If they couldn’t read the words they used the picture cues to remember what the page said, and to be sure they were working on the right page.

When curriculum first started requiring children to write sentences I often made a book like this with a sentence starter – My mother likes to eat __________.   This encouraged the children to only write one word or a short phrase.  Also, some kids who didn’t remember what the sentence starter said re-wrote the same words.  I found that when I asked a question instead of using a sentence starter the children got practice writing a complete sentence to answer.  Some kids also learned that they could look at some of the words in the question to help with their sound spelling, which reinforced the reading too!

Here is a printable copy of the book:

Mother’s Day Book

We made several other presents too.  One of my favorites was a corsage, made from 2 coffee filters.  The children colored on them with washable markers, making sure to get color on the outside edges too.  Then we misted them with a squirt bottle and when they dried, folded both them up together into a flower shape.  You can get stretchy green floral tape at Walmart or Michaels to wrap around the bottom, and corsage pins.  At our school children got clear plastic boxes when they ordered “grab and go” lunch – and we used those boxes to hold the corsages.  I loved thinking of moms wearing these paper flowers to church on Mother’s day!

We also made trivets out of 4 x 4 inch tiles from Home Depot or Lowes.  The kids used paint pens to draw on their tile, then I sprayed them with clear spray and put either felt or spongey stick on circles on the bottom.

These were both inexpensive projects that were easy for the children to do.  I have a couple more things to share, but I need Owen’s help!

Thanks for reading – I’d love to hear from you!   What do you do with your class for Mother’s Day?

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