Time Capsule Letter

I love reading the comments you write!!  It is so fun for me to think that people are enjoying and using some of the ideas that I share.  I love it when you ask questions – or offer ways to make things better!

Kelly, thank you for your comment about my Time Capsule post.  You asked about a cover letter to include in the capsule.  I had never thought of this before, and it’s a great idea!  So I wrote a sample draft – what do you think?  I thought other people might benefit from your idea too!

Kelly also mentioned that she teaches first grade, so I made a printable copy without my name – for Kdg. and a different one for first grade.

cover letter Kdg.

cover letter First

If anyone has more suggestions, please share!!

Kelly, I may have misunderstood your request.  This note is meant to go inside the Time Capsule along with all the other stuff you save.  Maybe you meant a letter to go to parents now to explain the Time Capsule.  The only note I used was the one asking the parents to write a letter to include in the capsule.  I gave them out at our end of the year program, and typically all the parents were there, so I explained it in person.  Please let me know, I would be happy to try another draft!  I do have good clipart!

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kelly
    May 26, 2011 @ 09:13:01

    Thank you so much!!! I am getting ready to start the time capsules-so glad I stumbled across your site! Thanks again for making the first grade cover page too!
    What font do you use for the pages? I love it! I know there are a few things I need to reword/add name, etc and wanted to ask!


    • dbsenk
      May 27, 2011 @ 08:16:02

      Hi Kelly I went to check which fonts I used and saw I used lots of different ones – please let me know which specific pages. I used CAC Futura Casual for the cover letter. I have a MAC so the fonts might be different, and I have a ton of fonts! I am happy to tell you any of the specific fonts for different pages, just let me know! Diane


  2. Mizzmy
    May 26, 2011 @ 15:00:38

    I love your website. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas! It so great that you added pictures and PDF so I can take it away and use it in my classroom. I’m a new K/1 teacher and I feel like I have something for each unit!


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