Pet Show!

If you are looking for a really fun, very easy activity for these last days of school – I highly recommend a pet show!  Some of my friends thought I was crazy but I really loved having a pet show that last week of school – and so did my kids!

Here is the invitation I sent home:

It usually worked out well to give parents a choice of an hour – I scheduled the animals about 15 minutes apart.  After I got the responses I sent home the master schedule.
Here is an example:

The year of this schedule I didn’t have many pets, some years we were booked every 15 minutes all day!  I included breaks, lunch, recess, etc. in the schedule too.  If the weather was nice we met the pets outside – I took out a carpet square for each child and we sat in a circle to learn about each pet from the owner.  Then we asked if it would be safe for us to touch or pet the animal, and the pet owner would show the best way to do it.  Sometimes the children walked around the circle and touched the pet as they went by, other times the child brought the pet around to each child.

Each pet would get a “trophy,” and a ribbon.

Depending on the amount of pets, sometimes we would give the award for a specific reason.  We brainstormed ideas of categories for trophies.

I would give children jobs – some would be interviewers, some would be writers.  Others would help the pet owners if they needed any help.  We brainstormed questions to ask each pet owner.

I had to choose children who could write well to jot down the answers.  I often teamed 2 children to ask the questions and we practiced reading them ahead of time.

The children really loved bringing in their pets, and they did a great job asking and answering the questions.  If a child brought in a stuffed animal I tried to find some time for them to show it and talk about it, I know some children might worry if they didn’t have a pet to bring, or if their parent couldn’t bring it.  Some also brought photos of their pet.  All of those kids took home a trophy picture and ribbon too.  We spent some time talking about how everyone would not be able to bring a pet, and that a pet show was still a fun thing to do.  We read Pet Show by Ezra Jack Keats too!

Here are the masters:





Very fun!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Toni
    Jun 08, 2011 @ 19:00:44

    You are truly gifted at what you do! You have wonderful ideas and are so creative! Thank you for sharing all your ideas. I was wondering how you created all of your worksheets? What program are you using? They all look so professional, yet adorable at the same time. I find that creating my own worksheets is the best way to meet the needs of my kids, so I would love to know how you do it so well!


    • dbsenk
      Jun 08, 2011 @ 20:55:23

      Thank you so much Toni! I feel so grateful when people take the time to read my blog! I loved creating projects and activities, and I am so glad more teachers might use them! I made all my worksheets, recording sheets, etc. using a word processing program. I have a MAC now, and use Pages – but I had Microsoft Word for years. It is so easy to make columns, add boxes and tables, etc. I really am not very computer-smart but I love fonts and clipart, and I have bought lots over the years. Some of my favorites come from DJ Inkers and PC Crafter. I have used spreadsheets some too, but I am much more comfortable using word procressing – I always have to ask my son for help to get started with a spreadsheet. I also kept changing things that didn’t quite work out right – life would have been much easier if I just did the same thing every year – but where’s the fun in that? Thank you again!


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