Still More Cooking Ideas!

Here are some more ideas of cooking projects that I used in my classroom!  I hope you can find something that you would like to try.

Hot Dog Racers

During our transportation unit we made hot dog race cars.  We boiled the hot dogs and each child stuck a toothpick through their hot dog near each end.  They put a cheese ball snack on each end of the toothpick, to make the wheels.  It was very simple, and very popular.  We tried different foods for wheels to be a little more healthy – carrot slices, which were hard to poke the toothpick into, and banana slices – but the cheese balls were far more popular!

Astronaut Food

During our Outer Space unit we ate like the astronauts by putting applesauce into ziploc baggies.  The cooking mom cut off a corner of the bag – to make sure it was not too big, and to insure that the children didn’t leave hanging plastic they might ingest.  The children put the corner with the hole into their mouth and squeezed the applesauce.  We talked about the pitfalls of trying to eat in zero gravity.  We also had Tang to drink – for those of you too young to know – it used to be advertised as the drink of the astronauts.

Check out my post on Outer Space – we also used small Milky Way candy bars on the balance scales – there is a recording sheet on that post.

Bunny Biscuits

This recipe is for bear biscuits – but you get the idea.  We made these for spring or Easter sometimes.

Bear Biscuits-2

To make Bunnies I gave each child 1 full biscuit and 1 biscuit cut into 2 pieces.  They formed the ears, and added eyes and a nose before we baked them.

Another spring/Easter idea was Pita Rabbits – I gave each child 1/2 small pita.  They spread on cream cheese or peanut butter.  It made a profile of a bunny body – they put a jellybean on one end for a nose, and a marshmallow on the other for a tail.  They added one M & M for an eye, and 2 carrot sticks for ears.  Of course we read Peter Rabbit.

Trash Can Snacks

Check out my post about recycling to see how we used an empty ice cream cone as a trash can and counted out pieces for rocks, sticks, etc.

Hot Dog Octopus

If you have never made this with your own children I would really encourage you to try it – my kids loved it.

Hot dog octopus-6

Here are a couple more ideas that go along with fish and oceans.

Fish bowls-7

I called this one Jellyfish biscuits – I gave each child one full biscuit and one quarter – shaped like a triangle, that they added for a tail fin.

Jellyfish biscuits-1

Breadstick Snakes

During our Rainforest or Jungle unit, I bought the rolls of crescent rolls.  Each child took one piece of dough and rolled it into a snake.  Sometimes we sprinkled on colored sugar, then we baked the snakes and ate them!  Yummy!

You could also form this crescent roll dough into letter shapes.  Defrosted, frozen bread dough works well too – or you could make letter pancakes.

Letter pancakes

When we read the story The Little Red Hen we made homemade rolls.  Sometimes I brought in my bread machine to do the heavy mixing, the kids helped add the ingredients and shaped their own rolls.  The whole school came down when they smelled them baking!!  Check out that recipe under the Themes section where I talked about Farms.

Here are a few more recipes that might go along with a Farm theme.

Pig in blanket

mud & dirt

Ice cream


Marshmallow spider

Or Butterfly Bites – goes along with Bugs too!

Butterfly bite

100th Day Snack

For the 100th day we ate 10 each of 10 things.  The kids counted them into baggies in case they didn’t finish eating them at school.

100 snack 2

100 snack

Banana Pudding

Banana Pudding

Cherry Pie – Great for Washington’s birthday!

Cherry pie-7


Delicious dinos activities-1

Delicious dinos activities-2

This goes great with the book – If You Give a Mouse A Cookie

Mouse cookies-1

Tortilla roll up – you might stretch this idea to use for Cinco de Mayo

Tortilla roll up-3

Zebra Pudding-8

I used pudding for several recipes each year.  Sometimes I bought instant powdered pudding and the children helped mix it up.  Other times I bought pre-made canned pudding.  If there is a Gordon’s Food Service store near you, they have great prices on large cans of pudding, and lots of other cooking supplies.  At the store I use they also gave me a school discount.  Another thing I bought there was cupcake papers to use for goldfish crackers, cheerios, etc. for daily snacks.  The kids could handle them easily and didn’t spill as much.

I know I shared lots of different snack ideas – but you don’t have to cook every week.  You might want to just try it out one time, the children really love it.  When older kids come back to visit me, cooking is one of the things they remember fondly about kindergarten.

Thanks for reading!!

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