Cupcake Birthday Party!

It’s hard to believe, but our babies turned 1 today.  When my daughter in law found out that she was expecting twins she offered to write my resignation letter for me – and I was so happy that they wanted our help and support.  I got to have Owen during the day most of last summer while we were waiting for the babies, because my DIL was on bedrest.  I called it Nana Camp!  What a privilege and special opportunity to have that special time with him!  We went to the farm and the zoo and the park and the grocery store.  We talked and played and read and cuddled.  We did a lot of talking about the new babies – we called them Cupcake and Muffin.  And so it just seemed fitting to have a Cupcake theme for their first birthday party!

Of course a first birthday party is often more for the benefit of the adults, but I tried to gear this one so that Owen, the girls and all the guests could participate.  You just have to get the grown ups in the mood to play!


So this was the basic plan – but we were very flexible!!

I started out looking for some cupcake clipart:

For the prize bags I cut apart the clipart – putting the frosting part on one page and the bottoms on another.

I ran them off on scrapbook paper and colored paper.  Owen helped by coloring in the sprinkles on each frosting.

Then I glued the frosting part on the top of a white lunch bag and folded it over.  I glued the bottom part on the front of the bag – actually the opposite side of the bag so when they were folded over they matched up.

I filled the children’s bags with small toys from a dollar store – sponge shapes, police badges, plastic animals, etc.  For the adult bags I bought a large bag of assorted chocolate bars and included squirt guns, little picture frames and Halloween skeletons and rings.  They lined up all the prize bags on the fireplace to help decorate.

The pictures mounted on construction paper were for one of the adult oriented games – trying to correctly sequence pictures of the girls through the year.  No one got them all right!

Owen has not been very interested in coloring, but he wanted to help make decorations so I printed off some cupcakes and he did a fantastic job coloring them!!

The Dollar Tree had lots of cupcake themed decorations – I got hats, napkins and plates, and these large 2 sided cupcakes.  They did double duty as pin the candle on the cupcake games.

If you choose to play this type of game – instead of using a blindfold I just cut black circles from construction paper and taped them over the lenses on a pair on inexpensive sunglasses.  Of course they are not fool proof – but much easier to use and less likely to spread head lice in a classroom!

A very long time ago I made capes for my own children’s birthday party – and I wanted to do it again.  It isn’t hard to make up a pattern, but I found this special one on this website:

They came out pretty cute!

I put each child’s initial on the back – the capes are reversible, so I put Owen’s initial on one side and the number 3 on the reverse – his birthday is next week!

There were only 5 children at this party – but the capes were really very quick and easy to make.

I guess you just can’t take the teacher out of the Nana – I made a little check off list for the guests, the recording sheet for the photo game was on the back.

I ran these back to back and cut them in half – there are 2 on the page.

I found this cupcake ring toss game at Party City.

For the “drop the beanbag” game I taped a few cupcake pictures on a plastic pail.  When the children played the bucket was right below the stool – for the adults we moved the bucket across the room – I have quite a competitive family.

Here is our tape the candle game!

I made this cupcake from a large cottage cheese container – I just used craft glue to fasten fabric around the outside, then put fiberfill on the lid and stapled fabric over it and around the edges.  I really wasn’t sure how to use it – so I offered 2 games.  Some people balanced the cupcake on their head and tried to walk across the room.  Others used the tongs to put red pompom cherries on top.  One person combined the games and tried to walk with the cherries on the cupcake!  Over-achiever!


I made a little booklet with space for the guests to write a Birthday wish for each of the girls.  This booklet was copied on both sides and folded in half.

We played a few whole group games – I put M & Ms into one of the prize bags.  We played music and passed the bag around the circle.  If you were holding the bag when the music stopped you got to have an M & M.

I made 2 special bean bags (filled them with popcorn).  On one beanbag I stitched a face of Anna on one side and Lily on the other – just a simple pink felt circle decorated with fabric paints.  For the other beanbag I used cupcake fabric.  We sat in a circle and passed the cupcake beanbag around, and when it got about half way we passed the Anna/Lily one.  The idea was to try to get the child beanbag to catch up with the cupcake one.  I used to do this at school with a turkey and a pilgrim – could be a bean bag or a ball – or just pictures of them.

I planned to have a bubble popping game but I forgot!!!  I was just going to give out 3 or 4 bottles of bubbles for adults to use and the kids would try to break the bubbles.  Maybe I can save that one for the next birthday!!

And of course we had to have cupcakes!  I actually made a regular cake and cupcakes.  The girls seemed to enjoy them!

I found a plastic mold for little tiaras at Walmart – I made them out of chocolate and they stuck into the cupcakes.

Here are links for some of this stuff, in case you ever plan a cupcake party!
bucket cupcakes

check off

cupcake 1

cupcake 2

cupcake games

cupcake papers

cupcake top

Lily Wishes


So it was a fun birthday – but I’d better get busy – Owen’s party is next week!


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  1. Jennifer
    Sep 24, 2011 @ 23:16:57

    Wow this was a fabulous party! So many neat ideas! You’re family is blessed to have a Nana like you!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten


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