The Apple Orchard

I love making language experience books – I made them often in my classroom, and it’s even more fun with my grandchildren.  Basically I take a bunch of pictures and then ask the kids to tell me what we did – it is great practice for retelling a story and sequencing events.  If they don’t remember, or have trouble telling the events, the pictures will help.  At school I used to write as the children dictated what they remembered about a field trip or special event, and then we made it into a book using photographs for the illustrations, or sometimes the children added their own drawings.

So after a trip to the apple orchard this week I asked Owen to tell me what he remembered about what we did.  I used his words and tried to find a picture I had taken to match what he said.



When I make a book like this for Owen I print it on cardstock, each page is 5 1/2 x 8 1/2.  At school I used regular copy paper.  These books always became favorites in our classroom library, children were really motivated to try to read them.  When the children retold and sequenced the events they were practicing some great comprehension strategies too!  Owen and I just do it for fun!

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