Halloween Senses Book

I love getting comments from readers!  Awhile ago, Aaron made a comment on one of my posts that helped me decide to do a remake 0f a Holiday Senses Book that I shared.  The Five Senses are an important part of Kindergarten Science curriculum, so I liked to reinforce them in different ways through the year.   One of the things that helps children be successful reading this book, even early in the school year, is that I included pictures for the senses and little helper pictures to remember what goes on each page. Of course, you probably have some different ideas of things to put on each page, feel free to change it to make it work for your class!       I cut apart a clipart picture of a skeleton into 3 pieces.  The children cut them out and assemble them.     The children cut out the word bubble BOO! and glue it on the top.  They can just draw a ghost, or if you use colored paper they could use white chalk, paint, or construction paper to create their own ghost.   The most tactile thing I could think of is the inside of a pumpkin.  I always loved bringing in a pumpkin to carve, and encouraging the children to touch the pulp and seeds.  On this page I would ask the children to free cut a pumpkin, then cut off the top.  I would give them each a couple of pumpkin seeds to glue on.   I had trouble thinking of a Halloween smell, but my class always went to an apple orchard this time of year, and enjoyed cinnamon donuts!  I would put cinnamon into a shaker and give the children paint brushes with watery glue.   One option for this page would be just to give each child a small candy and after they taste it they could glue the wrapper on the page.  Or you could give them each a couple of candy corns and ask them to color this one to glue on.

Here are pdf copies of the book pages and clipart.

Halloween Senses

skeleton clipart


candy corn

Happy Halloween!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Terry Yordan
    Oct 16, 2012 @ 23:38:49

    Thankl you for the very cute and useful Halloween Five Senses Booklet


  2. Walsh, Elaine A.
    Oct 17, 2012 @ 16:30:54

    Hello Kindergarten Nana, Thank you so much for this great book on senses. My kids will love incorporating the senses with Halloween! Elaine ________________________________________


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