Frozen Birthday Party!


Our little Princesses turned 4 years old last week and we celebrated with a Frozen themed birthday party!  They looked lovely in their Elsa dresses!

Olaf door

This picture of Olaf was on the door to greet our guests.

Games and Activities copy

We had a few activities set up for arriving guests.  I love Dollar Tree!  I found Frozen tattoos there, and some cups with removable inserts that could be colored and decorated.  I made personalized Frozen inserts with each child’s picture.  I found lots of free clipart online – for these I looked up Frozen coloring pages.


cup iinsert After printing out these personalized pages, I used the insert that came in the cup as a template to cut them to fit inside the cups.

I found some glow in the dark bracelets with glow in the dark beads for each child to make too.


I ordered 3 inch white pompoms from JoAnn Fabrics for snowballs.  The basket was set out for children to toss the snowballs into an empty container as one of the “arriving time” activities.


I found some great fleece Olaf fabric at Walmart and used it to make pillow cases for small travel size pillows as take home gifts for the guests.


I used the free Frozen clipart to decorate bags to collect all their take home stuff.



prize bags

This was the first time I tried group games at one of our birthday parties.   I made a very simple Bingo game using clipart of the Frozen characters.   Each child had a small cup of Honeycomb cereal “snowflakes” to cover their pictures.

Biingo Game6 Biingo Game5 Biingo Game4 Biingo Game3 Biingo Game2 Biingo Game1

I did find a Bingo set from Frozen already done online, but it had more rows.  This set with 3 across and 3 down was just the right size for the age of our players.
I cut apart these cards of the characters to use as calling cards.

Bingo callers

The kids had lots of fun, and everyone was a winner!

photo 2 (26)

Then we played “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”  I found this game on Pinterest!

I printed the die pictures on cardstock and folded it into a cube.  I made enough dice for each family to take one home, but we all shared one at the party.

Olaf dice

I also used cardstock to print and cut out the pieces for Olaf, for each party guest.

Olaf parts These are the same pieces I enlarged to put on the door.  For the game I put each child’s pieces into a ziploc baggie.

photo 1 (30)

The kids did a great job taking turns rolling the die and adding that part to their snowman.  I put magnets on the back of 2 more sets and plan to repeat this game with 2 children at a time on the magnet board.

Next we went outside for more games.  Luckily it was a beautiful day!


I used a silicone Gingerbread man pan to make people shaped ice cubes.  I gathered the children and told them that Elsa had cast a terrible spell and frozen all the people of Arendelle.  I asked the children  to help save them.  I put 5 frozen people ice cubes into each dish, labeled with a child’s name.




The kids lined up on the other end of the driveway until we said, “Get ready, get set, go!”

photo 3 (32)

Then they ran down, picked up one “person” and ran back to the other end where they put the ice cube into a bowl.  They ran back and forth until all the frozen people were “saved.”



Then we played with the parachute and snowballs.

After that we divided up and had a snowball fight – using the pompoms!


The kids were loving the ice so much that we used the rest of the ice cubes to “write” on the driveway.

IMG_2957  IMG_2954 

Or just eating the ice!


After a great Pizza dinner we enjoyed the Frozen Birthday Cake!


Happy Birthday my sweet Anna and Lily!  I hope you LOVE being 4!




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  1. Sylviane
    Dec 13, 2014 @ 10:52:29

    Wonderfull ideas, levely pictures. Had fun just watching them. Thanks for all the great ideas you shared.


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