Room on the Broom

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I know this book was published in 2001, but it is new to me!  I ordered it from a recent Scholastic Book Order, and I have loved reading it to my grandchildren!   There are lots of ideas of activities to use with this book on Pinterest, as well as the website  If you have a chance, check them out!

I think this story would be great for retelling!  My favorite way to retell stories is to act them out.  Here are some pictures of the characters that I found online and enlarged.  You could print them on cardstock and punch holes to make yarn necklaces, or put them on headbands for the children to wear.

witch cat

Good characters 2 dog

Good characters 3 


Here is a smaller set that you could print out, add magnets and retell on a magnetic board.

character cutouts

Or finger puppets!

ROTB-activity-sheet-4 (1)

Please check out the websites noted on these pages, they have great ideas!  Also, check out this site for more great graphics!

story cut outs

Another activity would be to sequence some of the events of this story.

Sequence board 

The children would just cut out the pictures on the following page and glue them onto the recording sheet in the order they happened in the story.

Sequence pieces

This story was just full of great examples of problems and solutions.  As well as generating some great discussions you might ask children to identify the problem represented by each picture, and find the picture that represents the solution.

Problem solution 1 

Problem solution

There are 2 of each item on this page – each child would get a half sheet.

This book is full of rich vocabulary.  I think it might be helpful to have some illustrations to help children understand these unfamiliar terms.

vocabularyYou might choose one or two fun new words to concentrate on, and then look for opportunities to use these new words over and over in your classroom.  I love the word “magnificent!”

The rhymes in this book make it fun to read, but I don’t think I would emphasize the skill of rhyming.  The words that rhyme are far apart in the story, and children who are still gaining confidence in rhyming might have trouble recognizing the rhymes.  But it would be fun to point out the phrases that are repeated through the book, and emphasize those rhymes – room/broom, ground/found, be/me and on/gone.

Another teacher in my building made a great bulletin board display – she cut out a very large paper broom and taped it up horizontally.  Then each child created an animal or character that might be riding on the broom, and she mounted those pictures as if they were riding on the broom, with the title, “Is There Room on the Broom for Me?”

Maybe you have been using this book for years and love it too!  I would love to hear how you use it in your classroom!



15 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gail
    Oct 16, 2014 @ 14:46:11

    Thank you! Thank you! Love your ideas!


  2. nancy
    Oct 22, 2014 @ 14:32:17

    Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic ideas. I appreciate the pictures to print; to extend the story. As a substitue teacher, your ideas are very much appreciated. Since, I can’t order from Scholastic, I did not have the book. Yesterday at Wal-mart, I found the book. It made my day!


  3. Cathy
    Mar 26, 2015 @ 11:04:08

    Thanks! What a great story. The cutouts are a big hit with my grand children. They put on the finger puppets when they watch the movie. Thanks again!


  4. Julie
    Sep 05, 2015 @ 17:39:31

    I love reading this book to my preschool class, and they love it too. We brainstorm what other animals would want on the broom in the end. These resources are great – thanks!


  5. Lulu
    Jul 09, 2017 @ 18:37:11

    Thank you very much for sharing. The girls I looked after are almost 4 years old now. They love retelling and making stories. Great to have those images to make puppets. Thanks a lot.


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  7. Réka
    Oct 22, 2017 @ 03:36:26

    ❤ ❤ ❤


  8. michelle
    Nov 05, 2017 @ 12:54:15

    Saved me lots of time and perfect for what I need thank you x


  9. Tracy Dolezal
    Oct 05, 2018 @ 10:42:20

    This is amazing, thank you so much !


  10. katebutler4
    Apr 20, 2019 @ 19:35:59

    Fabulous resources – Thank you so much!


  11. Lauren Davies
    Aug 20, 2019 @ 17:33:26

    Thank you thank you thank you! Here in Australia the kids celebrate book week, they dress up as charcters from thier fave books. I’ve printed out your puppet pics which will be attached to my daughters broomstick.


  12. LJ Heytha
    Oct 04, 2019 @ 22:01:45

    Thank you so much for sharing this! Room on the Broom is a favorite in our house and this will give us so much more to extend the story. I appreciate your hard work!


  13. Ana
    Nov 30, 2020 @ 17:37:56

    Fabulous, thanks for sharing. I liked this story and now I’m going to love it! My pupils too, for sure !!!!


  14. Rachel
    Jun 09, 2021 @ 04:01:00

    Great ideas and materials. Thank you so much


  15. Caroline
    Oct 23, 2021 @ 16:55:35

    Thank you! This is wonderful!


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