Harry Potter Party!

We celebrated Owen, Anna and Lily’s birthdays with a Harry Potter party.

As the guests arrived we put on the Sorting Hat and sorted them into the houses.  They picked a card to tell them which house they were in.

I cut these cards apart and mixed them up.  Each card says the name of one of the houses and a characteristic of that house.

I also found this fold up cootie catcher that you could use to sort the people.

Then their wand chose them.

Each party guest decorated a cardboard Treasure Box.

After adding a lock they could choose different clipart pictures or draw their own decorations on their boxes.



Here are the tickets for the train – I ran these back to back on cardstock.

The children made their own golden Snitch by gluing wings onto a gold Christmas ball.  You could also use Ferrero Roche candies.


They also made Flying Keys.

They balanced pieces of a pool tube on their heads like Erumpent horns.

The guests made bead necklaces with the colors of their favorite house.

For the skill of Transfiguration the children wadded up foil to make creatures or animals.

Then we went outside to use the Mirror of Erised.

And of course – we played Quidditch!

I also printed off a Harry Potter I Spy that I found online.


After a pizza lunch the children enjoyed ButterBeer Fudge, a Hedwig cake or cupcakes topped with Harry Potter chocolates.



They each chose a stuffed owl to take home.  They all had lots of fun!


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