Seasons Song

Like most of you we talked about the 4 seasons all through the year in Kindergarten, I started with the seasons of an apple tree in the fall.  For each season we learned a verse of a song to the tune of The Saints Go Marching In.


We used sign language to add motions to these verses.  As we studied each new season we would review all 4, and practice saying them in order.

Here is a printable copy:

song words_0001

I usually had the children make this Seasons Song Book when we were studying spring.  I liked using songs that were very familiar to the children as the text for a book because it just about guaranteed that everyone could read it!   I enlarged the print and put it in a pocket chart and we practiced reading it while we sang.

By this time of year I had usually talked about contractions – although it was NOT part of our curriculum and I would not want it to be.  But when we were looking at poems, song words, or other texts we often saw contractions and so I explained what they were and how they worked.  This went over the heads of many children, but it was exposure.  It also gave me a chance to talk about apostrophes.  This song uses the word ‘you’ll’ so it gave me another opportunity to mention it.

I liked to include different art techniques on this type of books.  We usually cut and pasted a bird and nest on the spring page.  On this sun page I loved using a warming tray and melting crayons.  You should have an adult oversee it because the tray gets pretty warm, but I don’t think it would really burn a child.  An adult would peel the crayons using an exacto knife (or peeling it!) and the child would slowly color with it and watch it melt.  I usually peeled orange, yellow and red crayons for this sun page.

Sometimes we used paint with Q-tips for the leaves, or wadded up squares of tissue paper.

On this page I used white crayon, sometimes we used chalk or paint – or you could cut snowflakes!

You could arrange the pages in this book in any order, I began with spring because we did the book in the spring.

Here is a copy you can print if you like!

Seasons Song Book

Terry from California is working on changing the winter verse because it doesn’t snow there!  Here are a couple of ideas…

Seasons songs CA

Seasons songs CA2

For any of you who live where it does not snow in the winter, here is a replacement page for this book.  For an art project you could draw, cut out or decorate an umbrella – or water color paint a raindrop!

winter rain

Thanks for the great suggestion Terry!


Super CDs

If you are not well acquainted with Dr. Jean, I highly recommend that you check out her website –  I own almost all of her CDs and used them a lot.  Her website also has wonderful printable materials and great ideas.  If you ever have a chance to attend one of her workshops I think you’d enjoy it – and her books are great too!  I am a fan!

Here is a list of some of the CD’s I liked, I starred some of my favorites:

Dr. Jean –

  • **Sing to Learn (Gumball, Macarena Math, Hickory Dickory Dock, Alphardy, Phonercise, Shape Song, Oceans, Continents, Rime Time, Sing and Sign)
  • Dr. Jean and Friends  (Tooty Ta, Macarena Months, Days of the Week)
  • *Keep on Singing and Dancing (Hello Neighbor, Alphabet Forward & Backward, May There Always Be Sunshine)
  • *Kiss Your Brain – (Macarena Bones, Insect’s Body, Water Cycle, Who Let the Letters Out?)

I’ll post the graphic again that shows which bones to touch for the Bones song!

  • Dr. Jean Sings Silly Songs
  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Totally Math
  • All Day Long – great for routines, directions, etc.


Greg and Steve –

  • Big Fun (My Backyard)
  • We All Live Together – all the volumes! (The Freeze, Piggy Bank, Shapes, Simon Says)
  • On the Move – (An Adventure in Space, Sports Dance)
  • Holidays and Special … (This Land is Your Land)


Tickle Toon Typhoon

  • Singing Science (I Am an Insect, Arachnids, Backyard Safari, Planet Jive, Water Goes Round the World)

Hap Palmer  (I know these are old but they are still great!)

  • **Walter the Waltzing Worm (What a Miracle, Walter the Waltzing Worm, Song About Slow, Song About Fast, All the Ways of Jumping Up and Down)
  • Getting to Know Myself  – (Sammy, the Circle)
  • Can A Jumbo Jet Sing the Alphabet?
  • Can Cockatoos Count by Twos?
  • Sally the Singing Snake


Jack Hartmann

  • I’ve Got Music in Me – (Be the Best You Can Be, One Small Voice, Riding on the Bus)
  • *HipHop Alphabob 2 – (*Silly Pirate Song, Popcorn Words, Move to the Alphabet, Cowboy Dance)
  • *It Starts in the Heart – (My School Family, It Starts in the Heart, That Was Helpful, My Heart to Your Heart, Look at Me, Friendship)


The Learning Station

  • **Tony Chestnut  – (**Tony Chestnut)
  • Here We Go Loopty Loop – (Here We Go Loopty Loop; Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes; Keep Moving Bear Hunt, I Know an Old Lady)
  • Get Funky and Musical Fun – (If You’re Wearing Colors, Simon Says)



  • *Rise and Shine – (Wheels on the Bus, Big Beautiful Planet, Row, Row, Row; This Little Light of Mine)
  • *Singable Songs for the Very Young – (The More We Get Together, Brush Your Teeth, Willoughby Wallaby Woo)
  • Raffi’s Christmas


Red Grammer

  • **Teaching Peace –  (*Teaching Peace, Places in the World, I Think You’re Wonderful, With 2 Wings)


Sharon, Lois and Bram

  • Sing Around the Campfire – (Mister Sun, A You’re Adorable, Michael Finnegan, She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain)


Veggie Tales

  • *Silly Songs with Larry – they’re all funny!  There is a video of this too!

**For Our Children – 10th Anniversary – (This Old Man, Mary Had  a Little Lamb, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Getting to Know You, Child of Mine)  These are sung by popular artists – very fun!

A Child’s Celebration of Soul – (Splish, Splash; Alley Oop, Name Game, Purple People Eater, Monster Mash)

I know that I had more CDs that I loved, I gave away quite a few when I retired.  If you have a favorite, please share it in the comments!

Maybe you’d like to add a new CD to your Christmas list!!!



We Love to Sing!!

I think singing is one of the most important things you can do with your kindergartners!  Singing is active, it keeps children engaged, helps them learn information, teaches new vocabulary, unifies them as a group, helps transition between activities, expends and creates energy, and it’s fun!  Your attitude makes a big difference in how well children respond to singing, I rarely had a child refuse to participate because the class was having fun!  I used lots of CDs and I will share those titles and my favorite songs, but we also sang lots of other songs without music.

When I first started teaching I was a little self conscious singing with parents in the room but the children don’t care how well you sing at all – and I found out that the parents don’t either!  The whole idea is to be involved and have fun.  As I was thinking about songs we sang over and over they fell into 3 main types:  Songs that went along with rituals or routines in our classroom, songs that taught or reinforced things we were learning about, and songs that were just for fun.  I would like to share some of these with you, I am sorry that I can’t credit the author of these songs, a few I made up, others I got from all over the place – I changed many of those over the years to fit my needs.

These links are for songs that we sang without CDs or music, later I’ll talk about the CDs I used.

Ritual or routine songs

We sang Hello Neighbor every morning, each child faced the person to their right, then we repeated it with the person to their left.  This was a Dr. Jean song but we did not use the CD. (Dr. Jean Feldman –

Hello Neighbor

The next song is a good one for building a classroom family – we did it with sign language – if you don’t have a sign language book it is easy to find ASL signs online – even in motion!

You are my family

Here is another unifying song – very similar.  I used sign language again, when I couldn’t find a sign or it seemed too hard I just made up my own motions – it really doesn’t matter what you do, but it helps to add movement.

You are my friend

Here are songs we did to reinforce calendar skills

Days of the Week

I modeled signs for the days of the week – sometimes we used the signs while reading the calendar too.

Macarena Months

I got these from Dr. Jean CD’s – I will list my favorite CDs – but I didn’t use the CDs when we sang them – we sang them every day and knew them well.  There is no reason not to use the CD or mp3 if that is better for you, I used those for many other songs -but the ones for daily routines we just sang.

We sang this song, along with simple signs, at the end of every day.

May there always be sunshine

We learned songs with most themes and units that we studied because it is such an easy and effective way to help children learn and retain information.  We often sang these songs the rest of the year, after we were done with the unit. Again, I always tried to add sign language or simple movements to every song.  You could even ask the kids to help make up the movements!

One of the things that really impressed parents was teaching the children to sing the alphabet backward.  I introduced this after we had been through the alphabet the first time, and all the letters were on the wall right by circle time.  I loved it because the children would look at the letters and really think about them as they learned to sing it backward instead of just chanting them off.  There are CDs that help but I am sharing the way I divided up the letters to fit with the tune.  It’s a real challenge to add the sign language alphabet when you do it backward!

Backward alphabet

3 Brown Bears

5 Senses

Healthy song

5 Senses and healthy habits were curriculum objectives.  When the children memorized these songs it was easy for them to remember the information.




Seasons songs

Shape songs

Transportation Songs

Weather songs

I know we sang more – I’ll add them when I think of them!  I made up LOTS of songs using the tune BINGO for any 5 letter word that fit a unit or study –

There was a fruit that tasted good and apple was it’s name-o  A P P L E

I know a shape that means I LOVE and heart is it’s name-o  H E A R T

It’s deep and blue with lots of waves and ocean is it’s name-o  O C E A N

I know a man with a long white beard and Santa is his name-o – S A N T A

These are just a few ideas – when we did this I cut out a shape – made 5 apples (etc) and put one letter on each.  As we sang the song we would turn over one letter at a time, then spell the word as we turned them back face up.  It helped kids still working on alphabet recognition and also became sight words for kids who were ready.

We also had lots of silly songs that we sang just for fun – here are some we sang without CDs.

The Bones song was an absolute favorite of parents and children.  We usually learned it at Halloween when we talked about skeletons but you could easily do it with a health or ME unit, or just for fun.  I got it from a Dr. Jean CD and then looked up which bones they were online – the kids started with toes and touched each bone up to head.  Lots of parents told me they had their children sing this song for their pediatrician!

Bones song

This was another favorite – we often sang it in the hall while waiting to go to gym.

Taco shop

When you sing the part about Cucharacha  – make your fingers tiptoe forward, then grab the imaginary taco!

Under Chestnut Tree

Magalena Hagalena


She’ll be comin round the mountain

Soon I will post the names of some of the CDs I used and loved – and my favorite songs on those!