More Father’s Day Ideas

I tried to think of a Father’s Day gift that Dads might actually use.  One of the least expensive ideas was a keychain that I ordered from Oriental Trading.

They charge $5 for 12, it’s hard to find anything for about 50 cents/child.  Naturally I usually had 25 or 26 kids so I tried to find another teacher to order with, or ordered for several years at a time to save on shipping costs.

These keychains have a small paper that slips inside and the children can draw or write on it to personalize it for their Dad.  I usually put a photograph of the child on one side and had them decorate the other side.

Then we made a little car as “gift wrap.”

I cut construction paper 9 x 6 inches and folded it 9 x 4 1/2 inches.  Then I traced the car on the folded edge.  My children usually did their own tracing, but they might forget to keep it on the fold.

Here is a printable tracer:

car tracer

The children added wheels and details.


The fold is on the bottom so it makes a little ‘envelope.’  We put the keychain inside and stapled the sides together.

We also made a Father’s Day card.

I copied these for each child and cut them apart – trimming them pretty close to the words.

Then I cut construction paper 4 1/2 x 12.

I glued the words on, close to the bottom edge.  I liked using rubber cement but a glue stick would work too!

Then we folded the card in half and cut two strips near the top.

We cut out ties – this one is construction paper but sometimes we used wall paper or wrapping paper.

Then we glued the tie under the collar, and glued the collar edges down.

And added details.

Here is a peek at the inside:

This is quite small, and many children would have trouble writing in that space, so I usually took dictation.  I used to make these larger size (just enlarge on copy machine and use 18 x 6 inch paper folded in half) and then the children had room to do their own writing.  I downsized many projects when supply money was low.

Here is a printable copy of the insert for these cards:

Card insert

I hope you’re having a great Memorial Day weekend!


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